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snapshot: 600x400 (62k) Easy snapshot. Rest camera on roof of car, expose two minutes. 40mm, f2.8, Fuji 800 film. This view approximates the comet's naked eye appearance closely.

medium shot: 548x600 (122k) More difficult. Camera mounted piggyback to telescope, siderial tracking and guiding during nine minute exposure. 135mm, f2.8, Fuji 800 film.

close up: 724x1109 (194k) This picture shows nice streamers in the blue plasma tail. Siderial tracking and guiding during seven minute exposure. Note the two airplanes captured in the frame, one near the top, the other right through the center of the comet. 135mm, f2.8, Fuji 800 film.

extra close up: 328x360 (14k) This picture is the sum of two negatives, each exposed approximately one second at the prime focus of a six inch Maksutov (f10 optics by Intes). The effective magnification of this enlargement is about 150x. Notice the interesting features on the solar facing side of the nucleus. These appear to be part of a spiral dust trail expanding away from the nucleus: two trails are clearly visible, and a third can almost be imagined. One can imagine a giant jet on the surface on the comet producing this trail as the nucleus rotates in space.

nav-deck LICHTENSTEIN: 777x777 (123k) This picture was taken April 2, 0h57m UT from the navigation deck of the frigate LICHTENSTEIN, at a range of 2.5Mkm, just prior to the commencement of the space volume scanning exercises. First-pilot/droid BOSSUS is using deck optics to examine a nearby asteroid. The exo-viewscreen shows the scoutship BERNE and the second frigate BRAZILIA with the comet in the background. The viewscreen applies a variable radiation enhancement / attenuation program so as to give optimum appearance to various objects within the view. Thus the apparent brightness of the comet is relatively enhanced, while exhaust radiation intensity from the nearby ships is suppressed.

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