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Art Production Described

Working with 3-D modelling in the computer gives me certain opportunities as an artist that are unavailable in the use of traditional graphic media. If what I communicate may be expressed through a particular arrangement of characters and their interaction, I have nearly infinite opportunities with respect to setting, posing, or lighting the scene. (Also, I can use the computer's powers to create an actual 3-D view of the scene. Some examples can be found on the stereo page.) Using 3-D modelling combines traditional graphic arts concepts with some of the depth and freedom of theatrical stage design, sculpture, lighting, and photography.

Therefore, as you peruse these images, keep in mind the possibility of customization. Maybe you like a particular message, or cast of characters, in a scene - but would rather have the mood, color, or lighting different. Or perhaps you would like to include your own image (of your manufactured item, for example) into an existing Starosta scene. Making such changes can be relatively inexpensive.

Bryce as a Production Tool

If you are an artist unfamiliar with Bryce, read on.

The 3-D modelling and rendering is done using MetaTools Bryce for the Macintosh. Bryce is a relatively new 3-D modeler and raytracing renderer for the Macintosh and Win95. It has powerful materials and environmental controls, and is outstanding for its innovative, efficient, and elegant (although not Mac-like, indeed beyond Mac-like: Meta Mac-like!) interface.

Unlike other raytracing software, Bryce permits easy experimentation with excellent feedback options and speed. For instance, Bryce has a unique partial rendering scheme, that allows you to see the overall effect of modelling changes on your composition very quickly, while at the same time allowing spot-rendering of very small sections for detailed proofing.

Most of the images in the archive have been rendered up to 2400 by 1600 pixels, generally requiring a couple of hours on the Powermac (120MHz 604 RISC cpu). Rendering time can be cut as much as 50% if you forego antialiasing, depending on the nature of the bitmap.

For finishing touches or collage work, I use Adobe Photoshop and (formerly from Metatools / KPT) Live Picture.

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