Headline: Boris Starosta Stereoscopic Art & 3-D Photography

for Fall 2000: Technobot 2000 Exhibition

Please read the following message, and enter the 3D Showcase with the link provided at the bottom of this text.

The 3D Showcase does not contain pornography, violence, or intolerance. Site content does include one gallery of
artistic 3-d nude photography. That's a good gallery for adults to look at. This site also includes a gallery of stereoscopic computer generated images. Kids love those, and I would recommend the images to anyone. Plus I show portraits and miscellaneous commercial images.

If you are surfing while at work, and worried that visiting my nudes gallery might be against your company policy, you may take some comfort in the fact that this is a professional portfolio site, and that many people do visit all the galleries in their professional capacity as art directors, designers, managers - as potential art buyers. Beyond that, it is an educational site, and all of the galleries work together to support my primary thesis.

If you are surfing from one of those countries that prohibits everything not explicitly granted by the state, tough luck. You better stay out. Worse even than the nudes, I've got a computer generated image on display - ATLAS INDUSTRIAL ROBOT - that will totally undermine all of the brainwashing that your totalitarian regime has taken great pains to implement. You better leave now, and hide, because you don't want them to find you.

For those who wish to block this site, there is internet content filtering software available, some of which may be obtained at the following sites. These sites also provide information and educational material for learning how to use the internet safely, and/or articles concerning the various related issues:

YES, I understand the above, am a consenting adult, have permission to enter from a parent or guardian, and/or it is legal for me to access this material in my country/provinence/state, and wish to enter the 3D Showcase

NO, I do not wish to enter, and would prefer to visit the next site on the Stereoscopic 3D Webring instead.

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