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Get out your 3-d viewer. This web page also presents unpublished 3-d trucks from the Overdrive project


I recently completed 3-d work on the millennial January 2000 issue of OVERDRIVE, the Magazine for the American Trucker. OVERDRIVE magazine is published by Randall Publishing in Tuscaloosa, and has a USA circulation of 150,000. The audience is drivers, owner operators, and trucking executives. All 3-d artwork in the magazine is in the full color anaglyph format. Each magazine comes with the needed 3-d glasses.

The 3-d issue will give Overdrive a head start going into the twenty-first century, with increased visibility and value for its readers and advertisers.

I created computer generated true stereoscopic images for the cover of the magazine, as well as for a 20x30 poster that is folded and inserted into each issue. The poster is printed with 3-d images on both sides, the backside being an ad for Volvo Trucks North America.

The magazine also contains 3-d ads for Mack Trucks, Cat Scales, and Navistar/International Trucks. Due to time constraints, I prepared these ads by converting existing flat art to 3-d. Such a 3-d conversion is produced by applying transformations within Adobe Photoshop.

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