Offering illustration services for academia, industry, and publishers.

Since 1987, when technical pens and stat machines were still tools of the trade, I have been preparing technical and scientific publication graphics. The total so far numbers over 5000 illustrations, ranging from simple graphs and charts, to complex multilayered conceptual illustrations and process animations. My area of expertise is in the hard sciences: astronomy, physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, geology. I do no medical illustration. For résume, click here.

My clients will submit sketches via email, fax, or relate their needs to me on the phone. I am available to travel, visit laboratories, and if necessary use photography to help prepare illustrations of any kind. Final illustrations are typically postscript (prepared using Adobe Illustrator) or bitmap/photo images, or a combination, and can be sent to you via internet or on CD-ROM. No job is too small. For larger projects I can supervise production artists (yours or mine). Please note my expertise in stereoscopic display, which can be useful for visualization of complex 3d datasets, molecular structures, etc. My images are used for research journal articles, project/grant proposals, conference presentations, web display, instructional materials, textbooks, publicity, press releases, etc.

Along with sample images below, I provide email references to authors with whom I've worked.



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University of Virginia
Haydn Wadley

University of Virginia
(Materials Science)
Dana Elzey

W.B. Saunders Co.
(Pharmacology 4.ed.)
Richard Lehne

Scientific American Magazine
Stephen Benton

John Wiley + Sons
(Astronomy 7.ed.)
Mike Zeilik

University of Surrey
Ortwin Hess

Meta Research
Tom Van Flandern

Composite Materials International Doug Long

Directed Vapor Technology International
Derek Hass

Global Cell Solutions
Uday Gupta

National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Debra Shepherd

Worrell Water Will Kirksey



Boris Starosta

434-220-4813 (I am on the east coast of USA)

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