3-D Newfoundland

A book of modern Holmes Format stereoviews by Chuck Holzner

This is a book of color photos taken on the Island of Newfoundland during the summer of 2004. The views of sights and scenes around Newfoundland show quaint fishing villages, lighthouses, sea birds, historical sites, wildlife, geology, icebergs, shipwrecks, modern day Vikings, carnivorous plants, rocky rivers and more.

It's a fine book of Holmes-size images of this rugged island in the North Atlantic, all for less than $1 per view. It features:
  • 39 Holmes-size stereo views, with descriptions.
  • Date and time each photo was taken (seldom found on stereo views).
  • GPS location data for the exact spot the photo was taken (new for stereo views).

Technical details:

  • 300 ppi Fuji Frontier color output.
  • Printed on Kodak Royal Paper.
  • Spiral bound at the top of the views for easy viewing.

Boris Starosta comments: This book has several stunning views with beautiful color and composition. You can see that on occasion Chuck really went out on a limb to obtain an unforgettable view. Here and there, in the captions for each photo, Chuck reveals a bit of whimsy and humor too. Great fun and a nice addition to my bookshelf.

Includes a Loreo Lite stereoscope / viewer.

$36, plus postage

Produced by:

Chuck Holzner
PO Box 433
Lacey Spring
VA 22833-0433

E-mail the author if you have questions or wish to order: "holzner at firstva dot com"