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Virginia Film Festival / Waking Dreams Exhibition

anaglyph poster for 1999 Virginia Film Festival

1999 Virginia Film Festival Poster

3d illustration ©1999 Boris Starosta.

In 1999, the Virginia Film Festival featured the showing of a 3d print of Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder as part of it's theme focussing on the history of the use of technology in the cinema. The Festival Poster, pictured at left, gives the dates of the festival. More information can be found at the festival website, click here.

In conjunction with the Festival, Lynn Butler and I presented an exhibition of stereoscopic artwork:

Nocturnal Moments / Waking Dreams

October 1 - 31, 1999.

Opening Friday, October 1, 6 - 9PM

Dream's Light Gallery at the Metaphysical Center

106 5th St. N.E.

Charlottesville, VA 22902

(just off the mall, in the parking garage building, a few doors down from Tastings restaurant)

Gallery Contact: Rebecca L'Abbe (804) 293-3495

The artists present stereoscopic images in several 3-D print formats.

In Nocturnal Moments Lynn Butler presents her dreamlike 3-D photography using cutting edge full color StereoJet prints, viewed with polarized glasses. Her stereographs of horses and nudes in a nighttime forest setting reveal her love of the animals and the places and landscape they inhabit.

In Waking Dreams Boris Starosta shows recent work in color anaglyphic prints: three dimensional computer generated fantasy landscapes, stereophotographic nudes, portraits, and 3-D abstractions.


Boris Starosta wishes to thank the following art lovers, whose support and encouragement have made this year's work and exhibition possible:

Janet Starosta, Christa and Noel Tyl, Robert Llewellyn, Oliver Kuttner, and Martha McCann

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