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Special Project: Virginia Discovery Museum

For spring 2002, I developed three displays for the Virginia Discovery Museum. My focus was naturally on perception of 3d images. To this end I loaned for display an anaglyph print, several lenticular prints, and three StereoJet prints - two of them backlit. Additionally I built a color projector, with three dimmable light sources, one red, green, and blue. Children can not only experiment with mixing the colors projected on a screen, but also create multiple colored shadows and anaglyph 3d shadows.

In addition to these installations, at the end of the exhibition period, in early May I will present a 3d slide show and an anaglyph 3d shadowdancing demonstration. Please make contact through the mail form or the Museum for more information.

Figure 1. display of lenticular postcards along with an illustrated description of the process in lenticulars and anaglyph images.

Figure 2. Corner of room showing the lenticular display and anaglyph print.

Figure 3. Visitors young and old inspect the backlit StereoJet prints.

Figure 4. Shadowplay in front of the color projector.

Figure 5. Control panel of color projector.


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